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Lubbock Wedding and Portrait Photography

Heather Sanderson is a wedding photographer in Lubbock, TX. She specializes in portrait photography, including bridal portraits, engagement photography, family portraits, and senior pictures. She has a passion for meeting new people and capturing their special moments. With a love of vibrancy and life, her photography is full of bright colors, fun, and laughter. With a distinctive, crisp style, Heather's photography stands out from the crowd. Bright, fresh colors set her subjects aglow. Her modern, editorial style is brought into focus through careful, subtle image processing. A light hand enhances each photograph without overdoing it. You get the best of both worlds: natural beauty and vivid perfection.

Wedding Photographer | Lubbock, TX

Heather creates stunning, modern wedding photography. Your wedding is so full of life and joy and color. Completely unique, it deserves to be remembered with wedding photography equally vivid and dazzling.

Heather has an eye for the details that make your wedding special. Her wedding portraits are energetic, beautiful, and show off your personality. When you look back through your photographs, you'll see yourself, radiant with love.

Engagement Photography | Love stories

Engagement portraits are one of Heather's favorite things to shoot. Couples photography is bursting with love and color and exuberance. She loves getting to know a couple and helping them tell their unique story through beautiful engagement photography.

Heather encourages couples to bring props that are important to their relationship, so their portraits can be as unique and personal as possible. Her engagement portraits unfailing capture each couple's exceptional history and future.

Bridal Portraits | Your day

Bridal portraits are an important tradition. When you put on that dress, get your hair done, do your and makeup just right, you suddenly see yourself as a bride. The image becomes complete, and your upcoming marriage becomes tangibly real.

Heather captures all of your beauty with elegant, romantic, brilliant bridal portraits. Your joy shows up right there in your photos, and when you look through them in the years to come, you'll be taken back to those moments, to the anticipation, the nerves, and all the love you felt.

Senior Pictures | The real you

Heather Sanderson takes senior portraits that are cool, unique, and show off your signature style. Shooting at unique, colorful locations, Heather captures every facet of your distinct personality. Edgy, energetic, and bright, your senior pictures will reflect who you are and highlight your true beauty.

Your session gives you the time to express yourself. With multiple outfits and locations, Heather gives you the opportunity to capture who you really are. Who you are right now is something worth remembering. Keep those memories forever with senior pictures that beautifully reflect your whole, colorful personality.

Family Photography | Beautiful memories

Fun, glowing, and full of laughter, Heather Sanderson takes beautiful family portraits. She brings out smiles and personalities, helping your family relax and have fun. Her children's portraits are equally beautiful, brimming with life. Ideal for holidays, special occasions, or just because, Heather Sanderson's family portraits are treasures to last a lifetime.

Outdoor Portrait Photography | Soak in the sun

Heather shoots exclusively outdoors. She hunts out unique, colorful locations that fit her clients' personalities. From fields to parks to a stroll down a lively street, she incorporates sunlight and sky into her portrait photography.

Photography out in the open air breathes with life in a way that photography studios can only hope to mimic. The colors outside are brighter, everything is fresher, and it's easier to relax and have fun during your session. After all, picnics and playgrounds wouldn't be nearly as fun if they happened indoors. It's the same with photography.